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The more you sell the more you earn with our progressive commission rates which are geared towards our authors being able to run a sustainable business model. Our authors have the ability to charge for support, the most time consuming part of selling items such as WordPress templates. Our authors can also offer different packages for each item to encourage sales.


Earn Upto 80%

Non-Exclusive Author

You can be a non-exclusive artist with DL HERO LLC and still retain the right to sell your content elsewhere. The percentage of return is slightly lower but it is still substantially better than competitors who do not treat you as a 45/55 partner and give you pennies while they make dollars.

Exclusive Author

You can be an exclusive artist with DL HERO LLC and you will make the maximum return on “our investment” as a sales portal that gives you up to 80% of sales depending on mass downloads, art continues to return an investment on your time for an exclusive upload through our direct sales community of digital content.

DL HERO LLC is a multimedia distribution portal created as a direct digital content download service community. An online collaboration venue to share promotional momentum and assist artists (Film Makers, Distributors, Musicians, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Painters, Performers, Editors, E-Publishers, Religious Artists, Urban Artists, Video Artists) interactions with consumers.
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